Tuesday, October 6, 2020

US College Campus Update - 70,000 "positive" PCR tests and only 3 hospitalizations. Herd Immunity being reached.



US University Update:

70,000 Positive PCR Tests
3 Hospitalizations
0 deaths

Most of the 70,000 "positive" PCR tests will be from tiny traces of viral remains from recovered people, who are now immune and not a threat to anyone.

A few will be asymptomatic infections, who are unlikely to have enough viral load to be infectious.

A tiny proportion will be new cases with people who have mild flu symptoms.

A miniscule number 3 out of 70,000, (or 0.004%) have become seriously ill, requiring hospitalisation.
Young people are more at risk from lightning strikes than Covid.

Having more young people in their late teens and 20's exposed to the virus is a good thing, as there is very little risk of them becoming ill and they will bolster Herd Immunity when they recover, reducing the risk of elderly vulnerable people over 65 catching it.

US is at or near Herd Immunity in large parts of the country, as witnessed by the slowly declining official daily new cases and daily new deaths.