Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The election was stolen: Is this America?



There was no "attempted" voter fraud nor was there any "attempt" to steal the election from President Trump, because there was voter fraud and the election was stolen. That is the factual reality. If there were an "attempt" we wouldn't be having this conversation.

That which I have just said is of paramount importance to understand, because it happened in America, not some Third World banana republic with a GDP lower than the value of the shoes in my wife's closet.

This took place in America. It was perpetrated by Americans, and it was perpetrated against the duly elected occupant of the highest office in America and the most powerful office in the world. Let the gravity of that sink in for a moment.

Election skullduggery isn't new in America; after all, the Teddy Roosevelt election wasn't the first or the last as Kennedy v. Nixon proved.

In this instance it wasn't a couple robber barons sitting around their club drinking Scotch and cognac deciding how to continue their unethical machinations. It was not a mobster bootlegger trying to seal the legacy of his family name as with the late Joe Kennedy. This was the unparalleled weaponization of the United States' secretive assets – intended for use to destabilize foreign governments, neutralize threats abroad and protect America against terrorists – successfully deployed against We the People, at the specific behest of those who occupied and occupy the highest offices in the United States. This includes Obama, the courts, et al. who have placed their hand on a Bible and pledged unwavering loyalty to America and the citizens of same.

Institutions heretofore regarded as bastions worthy of trust and respect have proven themselves distributors of pure agitprop and the industrialized centers of systematic brainwashing. I speak of course, of the national media and schools.

This was an assault upon the most sacred of our constitutional rights – the uncontested right to fair elections of the person(s) of our choice.

This goes beyond those hiding behind the curtains who worked against Ross Perot. It goes beyond Karl Rove's sabotage of Herman Cain and Rove's involvement in getting the crayon color groups led by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP to brand the tea party racist, so as to prevent conservatives from having another political alternative. Those machinations, as evil as they were, pale in comparison to weaponized digital terrorism that was perpetrated against We the People in the outright theft of this election.

If this can happen in America, where else in the world can we truly be free to live the constitutional dream of our Founding Fathers?

This was a plan that was hatched and given trial runs going back to the moment Obama took office. In fact, should we be surprised to find out just how Obama garnered the votes to defeat Hillary? On what level was it the similar weaponization of cyber-warfare as used against President Trump?

The Patriot Act was always going to be a threat to civilian America. I remember having conversations with persons in positions to know the facts, regarding the threat its implementation posed to a free citizenry. I specifically recall a military officer giving me an in-depth lesson regarding what the Patriot Act portended domestically if an individual like Obama ever had access to it. The evolution of the software and programming that could be militarized was something out of science fiction – only it isn't.

People ask today: How could this happen? It happened because the purveyors of anti-Americanism and adherents to Marxism entered institutions of so-called higher learning and developed protocols for the systematic inculcation of malleable minds with hatred for America and belief in communism. I recall reading manifestos of domestic terrorist groups organizing in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, in the late 1960s.

Thus, the urgency to deconstruct America as a free country comprised of free individuals able to determine their own destinies became a matrix-type illusion. The enemies of America have been trained in the most elite indoctrination centers, e.g., Harvard, Princeton, Yale the California university and college system, Northwestern, Columbia, ad nauseam. It's repulsive to watch parents gush with pride that their child has been accepted into some cesspool of Marxism, believing this will help them achieve the American dream.

The elements of this cultural and institutional indoctrination have spread like spores into classrooms, grades K-12, courts, medicine, media, the legal system, military etc. Some of the indoctrinated return to academia to become the next generation of professors and teachers to perpetuate the the process. The elites are chosen/permitted and/or encouraged to run for public office.

As I said, there was no attempt to steal this election. This election was in fact stolen. But that isn't the end of the story. Be it God's will, the mass national support and rebellion of We the People will prevail in the battle to claim the victory that was stolen from us.

We can no longer deny the painfully obvious. We live in an America that people refused to believe could come into being. We live in an America where the enemies terrorize our communities while citizens cower in corners, terrified to fight back.

You have been played for suckers. I say you because I've been warning about Fox News and so-called conservatives. I was excoriated when I warned about the late John McCain, Karl Rove, George Bush and Mitt Romney to mention but four.

The magnitude of what has happened should enrage you; it should also make you assess where we send our children to school and what we involve them in. It should make Americans realize if this can be done with impunity here, is there anything they won't or cannot do wherever they please?

America needs a man like President Trump. Let's join him in fighting to take what the thieves have stolen. It's ours, and we have the right to claim what is ours.

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