Thursday, November 19, 2020

U.S. Army records confirm New York was never overrun with COVID-19 cases


“Health officials wanted to avoid what happened in hospitals in New York City, where refrigerated trailers were used as temporary morgues,” warns the CBC (Coronavirus Broadcasting Corporation) in a recent Morning Brief.

Well, I doubt the cadavers minded whether they were in a truck or a basement; it’s more sad that their families were not allowed to hold funeral services because of the unnecessary lockdown.

Either way, a rising curve probably had little to do with the New York oddity. More suspect were the the $39,000 payments dangled in front of hospital CEOs if they would rush patients on to ventilators (as many nurses have testified).

But any such backload of patients was not enough to max-out New York hospitals.

Yes, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers did indeed hand over $660 million to private construction companies to build field hospitals, according to an NPR analysis. “But nearly four months into the pandemic, most of these facilities haven’t treated a single patient,” reported NPR journalist, Joel Rose.

That included three in New York State.

I respond to this point (with a screenshot of the records), and many more, in a new article I wrote, Is the CBC Drowning Itself in a Second Wave of Corona Disinformation? (published this week on The Centre for Research on Globalization).