Thursday, February 25, 2021

Politicians Shouldn’t Be Managing Pandemics. They Will Bend Science To Fit Their Political Objectives



“The COVID-19 Pandemic In The United States Is Currently As Much A Political Problem As It Is A Public Health Problem.”

The politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic has not been overlooked in the health literature.  University-based researchers from different quarters conclude political party affiliation is the strongest factor in the COVID-19 pandemic.  Here is a sampling:

  • Party affiliation was shown to drive policy decisions and impact COVID-19 infections and deaths across the US. University-based researchers concluded: “Future policy decision should be guided by public health considerations rather than political ideology.”
  • A report published in the Journal of Health & Politics & Policy Law states “Actions driven by partisanship, rather than public health expertise and scientific recommendations, may exact greater tolls on health and broader society.”
  • Yet another journal, Nature Human Behavior, publishes a report that concludes: “the possibility that political partisanship in the United States is now sufficiently far-reaching and pernicious enough to threaten the health of citizens during a pandemic.”
  • Again, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, university-based researchers concluded that “political partisanship influences citizens decisions to voluntarily engage in physical distancing in response to communications by their governor.”
  • A letter published in JAMA Internal Medicine also confirms political affiliation influenced physical distancing and restrictive recreational activities.
  • In a pre-publication report at MedRxIV, from March to early June 2020 investigators indicate Republican-led states had lower COVID-19 incidence rates compared to Democratic-states. This association reversed on June 3, 2020.  For death rates, Republican-led states had lower rates early in the pandemic, but higher rates from July 4 through mid-December, as if a virus somehow recognized political party affiliation.
  • A report published in Science Advances reveals 80% of Democrats but jut 40% of Republicans reported being concerned about catching COVID-19 in the early months of lockdown and quarantine.
    I hope readers understand this.  Not only did politicians invoke guidelines for face masks, social distancing and avoidance of large crowds for political purposes, the public accepted these guidelines along political party lines.
    The news media then portrayed these restrictions as public law rather than unauthorized decrees which is what they are.  Laws require a vote in the state legislature.
    Now public health agencies were “kicking a_s” on restaurant chains and owners who are largely Red-Party elephants, not Blue Donkeys.  The National Restaurant Association largely contributes to the Red Party.  The Red plates outnumber the Blue plates in the restaurant business.
    Annihilate the political opposition by putting them out of business, which is the objective of the World Economic Forum and its global government push.
    Researchers at Vanderbilt University proclaim: “The COVID-19 pandemic in the United States is currently as much a political problem as it is a public health problem.”  One party failed to heed social mobility restrictions “required to mitigate the further spread of the pandemic,” said researchers, though as you will read below, those measures were only based on manipulated data.

State governors, not Federal authorities, have legal control over public health emergencies.  Stay-at-home orders were issued by nearly all state governors.  Republican governors were slower to adopt stay-at-home orders, if they did so at all, while Democrat governors issued stay-at-home orders of long duration.  Political party affiliation was shown to be the most important predictor of state mandates to wear face masks.

The problem is that the protective measures employed to impede the spread of infection and reduce deaths were often nothing more than arbitrary rules with little or no substantiation.

My own investigation found countries where face masks are commonly worn have the highest COVID-19 death rates.

Social distancing is a farce.  It is more likely someone will acquire any infectious disease at home due to close contact with family members.  The social distancing could be a covert measure to block public meetings against government.

Social distancing, use of face masks and population lockdown could not have been responsible for any decline in COVID-19 infections or deaths as they only delay, not prevent, infectious disease. In fact, lockdowns just resulted in forty-percent of elderly patients getting sick from family members in the same living quarters.

PCR testing has led to restrictions for large groups of people who do not present an infection risk.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Infectious Disease, states in a July 16, 2020 podcast, says that when the PCR test is run at 35-doubling cycles or higher it cannot be believed or accepted.  Most PCR tests have been conducted at 35 doublings.

The COVID-19 deaths also appear to be fraudulent, with patients on their death-bed, diagnosed with COVID-19 infection by a flawed test, are tagged with COVID-19 on their death certificates.  Upon audit The Centers For Disease Control itself concedes 94% of COVID-19 deaths were accompanied by life-threatening comorbid conditions, most deaths occurring among elderly patients.

More than 90% of human populations are already positive for at least three of the “common cold” coronaviruses.  Prior coronavirus infections confer protection for COVID-19.

About 9 in 10 people diagnosed with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 may not be carrying enough of it to infect anyone else.  The guidelines established by public health authorities to slow or halt the pandemic may be nothing more than stress relievers.

Understand all these lockdowns and social distancing and face masks were to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed while the masses wait for a vaccine.  But there may never be a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.

In the end, political operatives needed deaths to frighten the public into acceptance of these draconian measures. Without scrutiny by the nation’s politically slanted news press, fear of death spread rapidly.  Reports of shipping containers in hospital parking lots filled with dead bodies that could not be accommodated in hospital morgues was one fear-mongering publicity stunt.

And deaths they did produce, in at least once instance by returning hospitalized infected patients to nursing homes.  Then to side-step the political heat for all the deaths, COVID-19 fatality numbers in nursing homes were not completely reported.  Americans allowed this to go on because they too were sucked into applying political blame.  The pandemic became political theatre.  Americans were swept into the false drama.  If you refused to wear a face mask you were a public threat.  Americans will never face up to reality because the news press keeps beating a political drum.  God help you if your loved ones got caught up in this contrived tragedy and paid for it with their lives.

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