Friday, October 29, 2021

36% of US Workers Polled Say Their Employer Is REQUIRING The “Vaccine”


Thirty-six percent of United States workers polled said their employer is mandating they get the COVID-19 “vaccine” as a condition of employment. There has been a steady increase in the number of companies willing to go to bat to keep the ruling class in power, it seems.

A new Gallup Poll found that this increase in a demand to be vaccinated with a concoction that isn’t a vaccine by any definition, is up from nine percent from the same poll in July. Additionally, 39 percent of workers say they are encouraged but not required to be vaccinated, decreasing from 62 percent in July.

Gallup also noted that 25 percent said their employer had not specified a vaccine policy, which has stayed relatively unchanged since May, according to a report by The Hill. A majority of U.S. employees say they support the establishment’s requirement of a vaccine mandate, with 56 percent in favor and 37 percent opposed. The percentage in favor is up 7 points from 49 percent in May. The percentage of those opposed has stayed relatively the same since May.

The survey found that 30 percent of all U.S. workers strongly oppose their employer’s vaccine policy, adding that 52 percent of that group [16 percent of all U.S. workers] say they would be “extremely likely” to look for a new job if they disagreed with the policy. –The Hill

Gallup’s poll was conducted Oct. 18-24 among 4,007 adults and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points. While a mere 4,000 people cannot possibly be enough to get the pulse of a nation with over 320 million people residing in it, it does show that some companies are willing to keep the ruling class in power so they can continue their enslavement of the human race.

It is past time to band together and do something. We need to stop supporting any company that requires a vaccine mandate. We need to stick together and help those who have been fired for standing their ground and not allowing some boss to dictate what goes in their body. We need to make sure we have positioned ourselves and aligned with those who do not make ridiculous demands of those who work for them and spend our hard-earned fiat currency at their businesses. Voting with our wallets will have a much bigger effect than anything else. We have the power and the ruling class knows it. Unfortunately, we all believe we have to obey and comply and be good little slaves in order to just get by. Time to get off our knees and lift others off theirs.

Government is slavery. Once we figure that out, we can understand that what they fear the most, is people realizing that. They don’t care that you think you are “losing freedom.” They hope you never figure out you actually never were free. We don’t need to “reconfigure” the slave system. We need to abolish slavery for good.

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