Friday, October 22, 2021

Pure Excrement



Let’s call a turd a turd.

Guest post by Robert Gore at Straight Line Logic

America’s largest corporations are run by unprincipled, gutless cowards. They are publicly embracing an ideology that holds that they and everything they do are evil and which would turn them into, at best, state functionaries whose work and existence are at the sufferance of arbitrary masters. After decades of compromise to creeping, now galloping collectivism, they have nothing left to compromise. They’ve become willing accomplices to mindless malice that will obliterate them and their businesses. Full partners in their own destruction, they’ll deserve it.

There are three ways to obtain goods and services: production, trade, or theft (including theft by fraud). The first two are the domain of capitalism, the last is the province of various ideologies asserting a collective’s right to the lives and everything else of the individual. Yes, political philosophy is that simple. It serves the interests of intellectual con artists to make it more complex, the diversion while they steal your money and your life. Humanity’s steps forward have been the fruits of production and trade; its steps backward the toxic weeds of its rulers’ theft and violence.

Businesses produce and trade. Consequently, it’s in the long-term interest of business people to defend the principles necessary for production and exchange: freedom and its economic expression—capitalism—and a political system that fully protects individual rights and strictly limits the power and scope of government. Unfortunately, that ship sailed long ago in this country, the occasional protest from a business person drowned out by the chorus cheering the latest accretion of government power and diminution of liberty, hoping to profit or at least shelter from it.

We’ve reached the point where approval of government polices, no matter how insane, has become a condition for doing business. Any executive who publicly disapproves risks incurring the wrath of the government and could be dismissed by the board of directors as acting contrary to the best interests of the corporation.

That’s strictly in the short-term, though. What government compels is usually contrary to logic and opposed to sound and ethical business. It was clear before and it’s even clearer with the Covid response: business must challenge government if it’s to be anything but the subservient junior partner in a fascist, totalitarian regime.

No executive of a major corporation has challenged the assumption of emergency powers, the suspension of federal and state constitutions, and the president’s, bureaucrats’ and governors’ rule by decree. They have supported power grabs that make those constitutions—the only legal documents purporting to limit the power of governments—dead letters.

This week In-N-Out executive Arnie Wensinger denounced California measures that require his company’s employees to screen customers’ vaccination status. It’s too little, too late. If executives had spoken out when this tyrannical nonsense was getting started and put the resources of their corporations behind lawsuits, things might have been different.

Decrees forced employees and customers to wear face masks and neither the absence of scientific verification of their efficacy nor the legality of the decrees were questioned, much less challenged or litigated. Large retail establishments put Xs and Up and Down aisle arrows on their floors to visibly virtue signal their compliance with absurd social distance rules. Their executives hailed those measures and the lockdowns that crippled or destroyed their smaller competitors. As for the so-called science—none of this has stopped or slowed the Covid virus, yet much of it continues.

Now big businesses are offering their employees a “choice”: vaccinate or find another job. Longer-lasting and more effective immunity from prior Covid infection doesn’t count. The vaccines’ mega-profitable emergency use authorizations hinge on an absence of alternatives. The proven effectiveness of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloriquine, other inexpensive drugs, zinc, and vitamins C and D is dismissed, information about them suppressed, and their advocates censored.

The corporations are fully complicit in the conspiracy to force everyone to vaccinate, the next step to totalitarianism. The terrifying jab or job mandates aren’t even in response to a dubious decree, but merely an announcement by head of state Biden. (In Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand called the man running the totalitarian government the head of state, not the president, out of respect for the presidency as an institution. The term is appropriate here.) No doubt business will fall in line and roll out vaccine passports for their employees and customers, indeed it’s already started. They’re giddy at the prospect of a social credit system tied into digitized central bank money. The new money may even have an expiration date, so it can’t be saved and must be spent!

If craven Covid cowardice has demonstrated executives’ moral abdication, then widespread adoption of “woke” ideology after the George Floyd riots lowers them to the level of pure excrement, what you’d wipe off your shoes if you stepped in it. Corporations have donated money to organizations who explicitly endorse the looting of their stores, the theft of their products, and the Final Solution for the political and economic system under which they’ve thrived! Here’s a lesson for the executives they might not have learned in MBA school: pay people for violence, take the knee before those who advocate or wage it, denounce your own existence, and you’ll get more violence and your eventual elimination, guaranteed.

Going woke, corporations have dived headlong into that ideology’s cesspool of contradictory nonsense. People of color and non-male genders are to be elevated above white males as supposed reparation for the sins of the latter’s ancestors. Merit and the content of character no longer matter; skin color, gender, and sexual orientation are the intersectional uber alles. Employees are being indoctrinated into critical race theory, the philosophical justification—such as it is—for the absurdity.

Yet, proponents partner with a government that has waged nonstop, pointless war since World War II, killing millions regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or creed. Those wars have been directed by the scourge—white men. Defense and intelligence contractor executives, mostly the scourge, take the taxpayers’ money and never mention the contradictions. Rather, they recycle loot back to their kept politicians, bureaucrats, universities, and think tanks and endorse woke ideology.

Legal scholars pose the question: if corporations have become arms of the government, does the Constitution’s restrictions on government apply to them as well? The question is irrelevant. If the Constitution still meant anything corporations wouldn’t be arms of the government—the defining characteristic of Mussolini and Hitler-style fascism. The scholars haven’t gotten the word: the Constitution has been terminated.

Fascism West, or Silicon Valley, has willingly become the government’s censor. Inquiry and negative commentary concerning Covid propaganda, woke ideology, climate change, Biden administration policies, and any other cause carrying the Davos-crowd endorsement are suppressed. Inquirers and commentators are search-banished, demonetized, and deplatformed.

A “brave” Facebook whistle-blower dared to testify on 60 Minutes and then before a congressional panel that Facebook wasn’t censoring enough. With the Constitution terminated, the only issue is whether Facebook and its ilk will censor sufficiently to satisfy the government, or will it have to institute its own program? You can guess the betting favorite.

It’s not enough to censor, the approved propaganda must be peddled and preached. Many corporate advertisements are mini-sermons populated by the appropriate inter-sectionals. So too with corporate television programs, movies, and videos. through which only the faithful or the forced can sit. No self-respecting entertainment industry awards show is complete without paeans to the new ideology and condemnations of privilege by millionaire entertainers. Millionaire athletes take a National Anthem knee before their contests and castigate us for our oppression afterwards.

Meanwhile, Fascism, Wall Street District, happily books profits from economic and financial policies of transcendent lunacy. Gone are saving, investing, production, and customer choice as the routes to prosperity, replaced by unlimited fiat debt creation and monetization, financial asset price appreciation, and the wealth effect—the newly richer spending some of their ill-gotten gains.

Executives have stepped up to the trough, borrowing money on their corporations’ credit to buy the corporations’ stocks—regardless of valuations—and not coincidentally to increase the value of their stock options. Why, if it works, wouldn’t shareholders approve? Who cares about deteriorating credit, stiffed creditors, and rainy-day reserves? Wall Street would have to Google “fiduciary duty” to even know what it is.

This is Part One, Part Two will be out Monday