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Washington State Trooper Gives 'Final Sign Off' After Refusing To Take Vaccine; Tells Governor To Kiss His A**

Washington State Trooper Gives 'Final Sign Off' After Refusing To Take Vaccine; Tells Governor To Kiss His A**

A Washington state trooper released a video of his 'final sign off' after more than 22 years on the Yakima County force, after he was forced out of his job for refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine by Oct. 18.

"This is my final sign-off after 22 years serving the citizens of the state of Washington, I've been asked to leave because I am dirty," said the unnamed officer.

"Numerous fatalities, injuries, I've worked sick, I've played sick, buried lots of friends over these years," he continued. "I'd like to thank you guys, as well as the citizens of Yakima County as well as my fellow officers within the valley. Without you guys I wouldn't have been very successful."

"So State 1034 this is the last time you'll hear me in a state patrol car... And [governor] Jay Inslee can kiss my ass," he concluded.


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In response, a dispatcher thanked him for his years of service.

"Thank you for your 22 years and five months of service to the citizens of Washington state," she said. "You’ve taken on many roles in your time with the patrol. In your first year, you delivered a baby while on patrol. You’ve been a theory instructor and part of the chaplaincy board."

"You’ve been a great role model and a mentor for all the young troopers serving in the area by sharing your knowledge and experience throughout the years," she continued, adding: "Thank you for your service."

Governor Jay Inslee issued a sweeping order in August mandating that state government workers must "Show proof of vaccination on or before October 18 or lose your job."

According to the Seattle Times, more than 90% of state govt. employees were fully vaccinated as of Saturday.

Last Monday we noted that up to 40% of Seattle PD may lose their job over the mandate. As of Oct. 6, 292 sworn personnel had yet to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination per the report, down from 354 on Tuesday. An additional 111 officers are awaiting the results of exemption requests, meaning the total number of potentially fired Seattle cops is as high as 403.

That said, the President of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, Mike Solan, said on Friday that officers who choose not to get vaccinated will not be terminated immediately on the Oct. 18 deadline - and will instead be given notice for a "Loudermill hearing" where they will be able to plead their case.

Meanwhile in Chicago, a Judge issued a temporary restraining order late Friday against the Chicago police union president prohibiting him from making public statements which encourage members not to report their Covid-19 vaccination status to authorities.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s high-stakes standoff with the police union over the city’s vaccine mandate landed in court Friday, with a judge doing what the mayor could not — temporarily silencing Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara.

Circuit Judge Cecilia Horan granted the city’s request for an injunction but only to the extent that Catanzara be precluded — at least until the next hearing Oct. 25 — from making any further YouTube videos or otherwise using social media platforms to encourage his members to defy the city’s mandate to enter their vaccine status on the city’s data portal.

Catanzara soon took to the union’s YouTube channel where he said the courts were attempting to muzzle him. He said he would comply and urged his members to “do what’s in their hearts and minds.” -Chicago Sun Times

"Enough is enough..."

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