Saturday, February 5, 2022

It's Really Rather Simple


There is a clear elevation of all-cause mortality in the 25-44 age bracket coinciding with Covid-19 showing up.  There is also an elevation in the other age brackets, by the way.

All-cause is just that -- while some of this is undoubtedly Covid-19, policy-driven deaths are also in there.  Suicides, ODs and similar were and are up materially over the 2019 numbers, and these are also in that figure.  Dead is dead, I remind you; why is not material to either the dead person or their loved ones.

But what we do know, by simple comparison with other age brackets, is that most of it wasn't Covid.  How do we know this?  Because the winter of 2020 came and went, where a huge number of older people died as a result of Covid-19 and during most of it there were no jabs available to anyone.  This age group saw a small -- measurable, but small -- bump during that time.

We thus know that Covid simply doesn't kill people in this age group all that frequently -- and, in fact, the mitigations killed far more people than the disease.

But then..... Joe Biden's administration and private employers started issuing threats: Take the jab or get fired.

And.... there were a lot of jabs given to people who would have otherwise not taken them, most of which came after the big summer spike of Delta cases.

There was an exact correlation in the rise of deaths with the threats.

Remember that Biden (and many others) crowed that threats work.

Well, they sure do work, by the data: Threats are deadly and they did in fact kill.

Is this proof that the jabs killed those people?  No, but its damn good evidence.