Thursday, April 7, 2022

More COVID insanity


Guest Post by Steve Kirsch

WHO will assume total control of future pandemics. Medical doctor was forced to spend 25 days in a psych hospital because he said vaccines were unsafe. 15 players exit Miami Open tennis tournament.

Insane news item #1: US government to cede control to WHO for future pandemics. This is not a joke.

OK, now the insane news. The US government is about to hand over the keys to the pandemic response to the goofballs at the WHO. The WHO, as we all remember, did not spend a dime on the fastest, safest, and cheapest way to end the pandemic: using repurposed drugs. Even today, they can’t seem to figure out that there are dozens of proven early treatment protocols that save lives. They are corrupt. So why would world governments want to give them the power to exclusively coordinate the pandemic response for the next pandemic?

The bad news: this will soon be a done deal.

Thanks to Mike Yeadon for alerting me to this.

Here’s Mike’s message to me (excerpt):


I’ve heard about this from half a dozen sources & I’m sorry to say that the concerns expressed are wholly justified.

It’s a mad idea, but since certain individuals & nations have pretty much taken over the WHO, I think it’s a certainty that, if this new treaty gets signed, within a few years at most, a “public health emergency of International concern” will be declared, and all currently sovereign nations will become controlled subsidiaries of WHO.

No government should even have the power to throw their country over to a third party. If that happened, they’d never give it back.

U.K. parliament signed up to emergency powers on the occasion of the first lockdown over two years ago. That temporary bill has never been repealed. We have no rights whatsoever if they decide we don’t. This is the main reason we emigrated.

Here’s the best practical reason not to sign such a treaty, aside from its anti-democratic central problem:

Imagine there’s a new pathogen spreading across the world. Nobody, anywhere, knows what the best response should be. By definition it’s not known.

History teaches us that we alight most rapidly upon probable best courses of action, not from modeling, but from empirical evidence. Running a large number of experiments, based on the smartest public health, medical & scientific brains, will quickly tell us what kinds of responses are helpful & which are not. Maintaining very good communication makes sure lessons learned are shared quickly.

The worst conceivable response would be to place the decision making power in the hands of a single body. They’ll likely run one experiment. We’ll never learn the counterfactual.

On this basis, I don’t even understand why anyone would fall for the idiotic notion that letting WHO have the controls would be a great idea. Even if they were honest & competent.

Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Best wishes


Here’s the amazing substack article that describes what is going on. You won’t find this anywhere in the mainstream media. It’s a long article, but really well done.

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Insane news item #2: Canada locks up 81-year-old doctor for 25 days in a psychiatric hospital because he said the vaccines had bad side effects

Watch this short video of Dr. Mel Bruchet (left) and Dr. Daniel Nagasse (right).

Dr. Bruchet describes how he was handcuffed by 8 RCMP officers and taken to the HOpe Center at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, British Columbia and committed under the mental health act to a term of 25 days.

His offense? Talking about vaccine side effects and how dangerous the vaccine is to pregnant women. This is not a joke. Watch the video at 3:43 to see this.

He was forcibly given drugs that were supposed to have killed him, and the police refused to investigate.

I recommend you all watch the entire 15 minute video. This is how they treat you in Canada if you go against the narrative.

There is currently a federal warrant for his arrest (at 8:50) so they can put him back into the hospital to finish him off… whoops… I meant “finish his treatment.”

Also, in Canada, a judge can say the vaccines are safe and that makes it a legal fact that you can’t argue with (watch @14:00).

Nagasse says the same is true in the US. Judicial notice is used by a court when it declares a fact presented as evidence as true without a formal presentation of evidence. A court can take judicial notice of indisputable facts. If a court takes judicial notice of an indisputable fact in a civil case, the fact is considered conclusive. However, judicial notice is limited in some states (such as California).

Here’s the full story. Here’s an excerpt:

In another twisted chapter of the Covid criminal agenda, after hours in handcuffs, drugs were given to this intelligent peaceful eighty-year-old doctor and he was then forcibly transferred to a psychiatric ward. There he was deprived of his basic rights such as access to a telephone. He was given antipsychotic drugs.

These antipsychotics are contraindicated in the elderly because they cause them to have strokes and heart attacks. He suffered two mini-strokes (TIAs) and underwent mental health tests that were essentially set up to try to focus his thoughts on the “Covid vaccine”. Although his thoughts are based on well-documented scientific data, the foundation described his thoughts as “delusional ideas”: evidence of his “dementia or psychosis”.

Insane item #3: 15 players drop from the Miami Open

‘What’s going on’: Tennis world stunned after Miami Open carnage

Is this the new normal? Is it caused by the vaccine? Or just bad luck? What do you think?