Monday, May 2, 2022

Beyond Orwellian: The DHS 'Disinformation Governance Board'



This is it!

This is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that the U.S. general election of 2020 was rigged, stolen, hijacked from President Donald J. Trump. It is further evidence of what a great film "2000 Mules" is.

What am I taking about?

First, two week ago, we had Barack Obama give a major speech calling for MORE censorship, MORE cancellations, MORE demonetization and MORE violations of the First Amendment by Big Tech.

Then, a week ago, we had Elon Musk buying Twitter, giving us hope and setting off Democrats everywhere to claims that Big Tech doesn't go far enough in what it has done to our most fundamental freedom.

Then, last week, Joe Biden created under Homeland Security's rubric a dystopian DISINFORMATION bureau to police all news and speech in what seems like a new Ministry of Truth, a la Adolf Hitler. (I know, it's not really Joe Biden. He's pathetic. I don't know who's orchestrating it, but someone did.)

Make no mistake – Homeland Security is ready, willing and able to use its immense police power to turn every Republican and Trump voter into a "domestic terrorist." This is the last straw: an ill-defined and thoroughly UNCONSTITUTIONAL idea for America. The Democrats have truly revealed their hand.

The newly formed panel, the "Disinformation Governance Board," will target supposed misinformation aimed at key points of vulnerability for Biden and Democrats, such as southern border migration, as well as monitor and prepare for Russian disinformation threats as this year's midterm elections near, DHS said.

"The spread of disinformation can affect border security, Americans' safety during disasters and public trust in our democratic institutions," the agency said – tipping the whole thing, giving away the secret. With this kind of control, Democrats will be the only ones elected, or, more accurately, SELECTED, for the future.

This was always their intention.

This is not the Democratic Party of your father. They are playing for keeps.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said she didn't have details, but she said Biden supported the effort.

"We know that there has been a range of disinformation out there about a range of topics — I mean, including COVID, for example, and also ELECTION AND ELIGIBILTY," Psaki said. [Emphasis added.]

This is part of their plan for federalizing elections, plain and simple.

The backlash over the creation of the board came as the Biden also unveiled an international "Declaration for the Future of the Internet" with 50 other countries on Thursday that also endorsed efforts to curb online "disinformation" and "harassment."

The document outlines ideas for "reclaiming the promise of the internet," and U.S. officials described it as an effort to counter the practices of countries including China and Russia.

It notably doesn't mention domestic U.S. struggles over internet freedom, such as politically motivated censorship of news stories by private companies and illegal government mass surveillance.

The term disinformation has been used to censor content that later gains broad acceptance – such as breaking news during the heat of the election about Hunter Biden's laptop, which Twitter blocked and Facebook throttled, and speculation that COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese lab, which Facebook banned before U.S. intelligence agencies later found the scenario one of two "plausible" pandemic origin theories.

What are they most afraid of? The second coming of Donald Trump – circa 2024? Musk's takeover of Twitter and the rebirth of the First Amendment?

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley said he initially thought Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' announcement Wednesday was "satire."

"Surely, no American administration would ever use the power of government to sit in judgment on the First Amendment speech of its own citizens. Sadly, I was mistaken," Hawley wrote.

"Rather than protecting our border or the American homeland, you have chosen to make policing Americans' speech your priority."

And whom did Mayorkas pick to head up the governance board?

Nina Jankowicz, a disinformation "expert" who is on record as calling the Hunter Biden laptop a hoax. She's been dubbed "Big Sister." (You've got to see her hilarious video done before her rise to the top of the Gestapo.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is it. No one is speaking up forcefully for the last election. Now they are preparing to fix the next one.

This is the nightmarish scenario I call "the Biden Factor." He was selected to be the "winner" of the 2020 election. Few believed it was possible. We were stunned. Look what happened next – the Jan. 6 "insurrection," which was no insurrection at all. In fact, there's enormous evidence of FBI insiders, radical left-wing "agents provocateur" and other mischief at work in that day's events, not to mention the subsequent third-world dictatorship-type treatment of scores of political prisoners, many of whom did nothing wrong. And now, the Jan. 6 inquisition in Congress! All this just to keep us looking for bogeymen – that's REAL disinformation and misinformation! That was "the Biden Factor." When does it end?

Think of what America has been through in a year and a half! There is no end in sight to the calamities that have befallen us. Who could have believed it?

Just make sure to see "2000 Mules"!

If ever there were a movie made to start an uprising for the next election, it is this documentary about the LAST ELECTION!

See it before it's declared "DISINFORMATION"!

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