Friday, May 6, 2022

'Unvaxxed' Canadians Banned From Travel For the Next 3 Years


Canada’s communist and WEF-trained Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, added a provision to the state’s budget that funds the denial of the right of exit to all Canadians who do not take the mRNA gene therapy shots. The right of exit can be the last barometer of a democracy. Typically, the freedom that democracies provide means they have to wall themselves to stop a flood of people from entering.

But communist and totalitarian territories typically have to put up walls to keep people in, as massive numbers of those who live under those systems would all escape given a chance. North Korea and Cuba are two rather obvious examples.

From the Budget:

“Making Travel Safer Vaccine mandates and proof of vaccination credentials protect our families, our workplaces, and our communities. They give us the confidence to have a meal at a restaurant, attend community events, and even begin to safely travel in accordance with public health guidelines. Vaccine requirements have helped increase vaccination rates across Canada, which is keeping more people safe. Vaccine mandates are helping businesses safely reopen and recover, which helps create jobs, increase workers’ hours and wages, and grow the middle class. To protect the safety of travellers and workers, the government took action to put in place a requirement that: • All travellers now departing from Canadian airports, on VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains, or on cruise ships (or non-essential passenger vessels on voyages of 24 hours or more) must be fully vaccinated, with very limited exceptions. • All employers in the federally regulated air, rail and marine transportation sectors must establish vaccination policies that ensure employees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The government proposes to provide $37.4 million over three years, starting in 2021-22, to Transport Canada to support the implementation and oversight of this vaccine mandate for federally regulated air, rail, and marine employees and passengers.”

There will be a 3 year travel ban on unvaccinated Canadians. This is from the budget.

This is shameful discrimination.

— Mark Paralovos (@MarkParalovos) April 29, 2022

While most Canadians can still more or less come and go as they please, this new restriction, enforced by budget and not an act of legislation, is a punitive measure against those who refuse the Gene Therapy injections. Furthermore, it has no science anywhere to support it or even consistency. After all, major sports events are now attended by tens of thousands of mixed vaccinated and unvaccinated people sitting shoulder to shoulder for hours on end and often screaming “moistly” out loud from the seats.

In the Soviet Union and behind the Iron Curtain, people who had shown sufficient obedience to the state were also trusted to leave the communist territories from time to time. Although the state often guarded them to ensure they didn’t “defect,” which many did and many more attempted.

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