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Dr. Vernon Coleman: Nothing’s Happening by Accident


It’s July 2022 and this is video number 314.

All around the world, governments are crumbling. The only certainty is that the lies will be followed by more lies. Johnson has gone, drowned in a cess pit of his own design. Assassination in Japan. Sri Lanka’s Presidential palace burning. Biden, Macron, Trudeau et al are all in deep trouble. As is that maniac in New Zealand. And is there anyone in charge in Australia?

It’s all leading us by our noses into the world government they’ve been planning for years. Schwab, Gates, Blair, Prince Charles, a Rothschild or two, a Rockefeller or two and so on.

Look around you these days and you’ll see an absence of hope in people’s eyes; despair and a sad acceptance of the manufactured reality; a willingness to do anything they are told to do.

Did you notice, by the way, that Blair, Britain’s best known war criminal, is trying to resurrect the ID card that was thrown out years ago? His unique selling point now is that it will thwart illegal immigrants, which has the virtue of being funny if nothing else.

They lied when they said there was a pandemic in 2020. There wasn’t one.

They lied when they said there was a pandemic in 2021. There wasn’t one.

They lied about the covid jabs. They didn’t work and they were toxic.

They lied about masks – which manage to be useless and dangerous at the same time.

They lied about the climate emergency. There isn’t one.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was deliberately triggered by the west and never had anything more to do with us than the last Russian invasion of Ukraine a few years ago, or the wars currently killing hundreds of thousands in Yemen and Syria. The war in Russia is a designer war and was triggered because the conspirators knew it would result in oil and food shortages and hundreds of millions of deaths in Africa and Asia. Only fools and the BBC cannot see what is happening.

Nothing is happening by accident.

We are living in a totalitarian society. There is no more press freedom in the UK or America or Australia or Canada than there is in Russia, Hong Kong or those totalitarian communist regimes which cause so much heartache among members of Amnesty International and the even blinder readers of Bill Gates’ financially compromised chums at The Guardian newspaper. Freedom of speech is the basic building block of democracy but The Guardian, like the BBC distorts the truth without hesitation. At least the BBC is honest about suppressing the truth. The Guardian is one of the most toxic supporters of the conspiracy. And whatever happened to the grandly named International Consortium of Investigative Journalists? Even if they can’t recognise the truth when they see it they should at least have the decency to ensure that doctors with an alternative point of view aren’t suppressed, silenced and demonised. And where is Amnesty International when you need them? There is no free speech in Britain, America, the EU, Australasia or most of the rest of the world.

The conspirators deliberately created fear. The covid fraud was always about fear and compliance. And they are deliberating dividing young against old, men against women, black against white. They have manufactured stories about racism and sexism in order to create divisions and distrust. It makes us easier to control if we are fighting among ourselves. And the unfathomable complaints about nicknames and childish nonsense result in endless wringing of hands, pathetic grovelling, bleatings and the eventual destruction of anything of cultural or historical value. They are even doing everything they can to ruin summer by pretending we’re living in some incredible heat wave. It’s summer. We get a bit of sunshine. It’s no hotter than usual.

You can tell when propaganda is inspired by the conspirators and the heat hoax is a good example. When critics of a hoax are hammered and demonised then you know that the hoax or fraud has been created by the conspirators – usually to try and push people into accepting the global warming confidence trick.

The constant onslaught of lies and uncertainty and the deliberate attempts to divide people by sex, by race and by age and by family have created uncertainty and emotional chaos. Big brother is training people to do exactly what they are told – just like that TV series.

The most important trick among magicians is to make people look the other way. And that’s the trick the conspirators are using. The media dazzles us with superficial nonsense – Harry and Meghan for example – knowing that while we are distracted they can magic away our freedom.

There is constant talk among millennial liberals of a four day week and the importance of work-life balance. But someone has to be prepared to work if the country is to be made to work. And most under 40s have no idea just how close we are to the edge of a cliff. There are nearly 1.5 million vacant jobs in the UK. And over five million people at home on benefits which the country cannot afford.

Farms everywhere are struggling with new regulations. Young people don’t want to work on farms because the work is too hard. In the UK the average age for farmers is 59. The average hill farmer grossed £15,000 last year. They’d have been better off on benefits. An astonishing four million European farms have shut in recent years – encouraged by EU regulations designed to destroy farming and make the way for laboratory food. Farmers in the UK have cut food production because their costs have soared. And the climate change nutters still want a third of all our land to be covered with ragwort, hogweed, brambles, nettles and Japanese knotweed. They call it rewilding. Actually, there is no other conceivable explanation for rewilding than that it is planned to kill billions of people.

For centuries the amount of land used for producing crops and livestock has been steadily rising. Now the figure is going the other way. Global agricultural land in use more than quadrupled between 1700 and 1960, when the conspirators began working, and it has been declining steadily since the start of the millennium. The dreaded Gates, chum of Epstein and financial partner with the treacherous BBC is buying up more and more of America. I wonder why.

Talking of climate change nutters I see that Prince Charles took more than 20 private flights within the UK to avoid being struck in traffic. That was when he wasn’t collecting a couple of million quid in plastic bags. Why do we put up with this?

Oh, and in case you missed it, the UK Government received a report advising that all UK airports must close before the end of this decade and that all new building construction must stop in the same time frame. And there can be no beef or lamb. They didn’t ask you to vote for any of that, did they?

It’s not surprising that food shortages are coming very fast. Within the EU there is already talk of food rationing. Food and fuel rationing are inevitable. And they’ll be controlled by an App. Electricity supplies will be controlled with the smart meters so many have in their homes.

Cash is being demonised and many shops now refuse to accept cash. Citizens are forced to do everything via an App. Schools are introducing social credit points schemes to control students. We are only a few months away from a society which will be just as oppressive as China’s. A dear friend tried to buy a ticket for a cricket match. They wanted to know his ethnicity and his gender because he wanted to watch a cricket match. Maybe they want to limit ticket sales to white men. Who knows.

If you buy a BMW and want a heated seat they will charge you a subscription of £15 a month. If you want a heated steering wheel they’ll want another tenner a month. If they can do that then I bet they can turn off your engine when it takes their fancy.

And the media lies and suppression of the truth continues.

I have been banned from all mainstream medium for two and a half years now. The suppression of truths is getting worse. Government agencies prevented me from appearing on TNT radio with Dolores Cahill because they were frightened of the truths I was planning to share.

Isn’t that incredible?

When I tried to talk to Dolores Cahill on her radio show, my telephone was suddenly blocked. I got through to the studio but couldn’t speak to Dolores on the radio. Not once – but three times. The security services really have been working overtime – paid by us, of course. It’s by no means the first time it’s happened, by the way.

I cannot see any of it because I’m banned from accessing all social media but I hear that social media is now full of fake news (controlled by governments and secret services), hate speech (much of it put there by governments and secret services), extremism (much of it put there by governments and secret services), trolling (organised by governments and secret services) and bullying (run by governments and secret services). The big search engines and internet sites belong to the conspirators just as much as the mainstream media.

A BBC presenter apparently complained that he’d been terribly upset by unpleasant accusations about him on social media. Well poor him. I’ve been slaughtered on social media and in the mainstream media for two and a half years and I’m completely banned from social media and the mainstream media so I cannot defend myself. The BBC apparently sneered and smeared me but I’m not allowed to defend myself because the BBC doesn’t allow doctors onto its programmes if they have truths about vaccines to share. They can attack us but we have no right to reply.

I am not only banned from putting videos on YouTube I am even banned from looking at other people’s videos on YouTube. If I try I get a rather pathetic message from them telling me that I’m suspended.

Too many people accept it all without a murmur.

The collective silence will be our undoing.

They are picking us off one at a time.

I estimate that we’ve got just months of freedom left unless we fight this war with more determination.

And if you think I’m exaggerating look back over the last two years. I’ve predicted everything that has happened. My old videos are still available (for the moment) on Look at a few of the old videos and you’ll soon see why I am the most banned doctor in the world. One of my books has now been banned four times – all it contains is the truth. The truth is the one thing the conspirators fear. To them the truth is as deadly as sunshine and garlic are to vampires.

Racism is being encouraged. Prince Charles (who proves himself a bigger and bigger enemy to the English people with every day that passes) now says that we should teach children about our role in slavery? Someone should buy the idiot a history book. It was the English who fought against slavery and led to its end. Charles still has servants (which is a modern version of slavery) and should learn to keep his big mouth shut. But he is spouting the official Great Reset line and schools will soon be teaching five-year-olds to feel guilty about slavery. All this stokes up racism – an essential part of the conspirators plan for their divide and conquer philosophy. And meanwhile, Charles accepts bags full of cash. If you or I tried to pay a million quid in cash into the bank we’d be in serious trouble.

The BBC told presenters of a programme called The Antiques Road show to be careful about discussing the British Empire. Beowulf and Chaucer have been removed from English Literature courses. Garwain and the Green Knight have been vanquished. 007 was portrayed as a black woman. Even the MCC, the last bastion of sporting history, has become unceasingly woke and determined to get rid of tradition – apparently not realising that when you throw the tradition out of a club built on tradition there really isn’t anything left worth keeping. When it isn’t demanding a 30% pay rise, the British Medical Association, the doctors’ trade union seems to have become a cheerleader for climate change nutters.

One of England’s examination boards has decided to drop poems by great poets and introduce poems according to ethnicity or sexuality. So out have gone Philip Larkin, Dylan Thomas, Wilfred Owen and so on and in have come 15 new poems of which 14 are by poets of colour and which now include disabled and LGBTQ voices. If that isn’t pure, 100% racism then I don’t know what is. If you pick poems because the people writing them were of colour its teaching children that racism is fine and that white people are to be ignored. And, incidentally, where did this phrase `of colour’ come from? Isn’t pink a colour? A spokesman said that `this demonstrates our ongoing commitment to greater diversity in the English literature that students engage with’. That’s what she said. Literacy is out, it’s now unfashionable and probably racist.

Incidentally, in my book about my 100 English heroes, The 100 Greatest Englishmen and Englishwomen, I was attacked for including Lord Byron by people who had apparently discovered that Byron, famous as mad, bad and dangerous to know, was politically incorrect and wasn’t always very nice to the women in his life. But if we remove all the politically incorrect from history we’ll be left with David Lammy and Boris Johnson’s sister whose name, I’m pleased to say, escapes me.

Attacks on the elderly are commonplace now. There is far more ageism in Britain than there is racism or sexism. Much of the racism is patently manufactured. Why anyone with functioning cerebral tissue thinks that kneeling down, on one knee, is of any value whatsoever is a mystery no one has even attempted to solve.

Indeed ageism is the only notable ism in the country. Lewis Hamilton said that `older voices should be refused a platform’. He is always campaigning against racism. I wonder how he’d like it if someone said `black voices should be refused a platform’.

I take grave exception to this ism. I’m an endangered species because I’m a doctor and I care about the truth. And I’m also under threat because, and you’ll find this difficult to believe I know, I’m over 40-years-old.

It is government policy to kill the elderly in our hospitals. Can you imagine the fuss if doctors and nurses started to routinely slaughter immigrants? Why are the elderly treated with so little respect?

During the warm spell recently, hospitals were turning patients away because the weather was nice and many of the staff were away – having tested positive for covid with the entirely useless PCR test.

Nearly half of children leaving primary school in the UK are innumerate and illiterate. Those are a staggering sign of failure. Teachers should be hanging their heads in shame. Instead they are threatening to go on strike for more money.

Powerful forces in London are pushing hard to reverse Brexit. The conspirators have (as I predicted in my book `Coming Apocalypse’) made sure that Brexit has been a complete failure. Now they’ll reverse it and push us back into the European Union – the fascist, Nazi designed precursor of the Great Reset. (This is what I said in `Coming Apocalypse’, published in April 2020: `If there is any Brexit at all, it will probably be a weakened, watered down version of the one we were promised.’) The third of the three stooges to play at being mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said that UK should rejoin the single market. Right back into the comforting arms of the conspirators.

In the autumn of 2022, there’s going to be heavy promotion of the covid-19 jab and similar products – possibly including jabs which have never been tested. There’s a good chance that lockdowns and masks will come back as the misleading and useless PCR tests allow the conspirators to claim that the covid threat is back. Many people who took part in one covid-19 vaccine trial never finished the trial. Some died, some withdrew their consent and some were injured. Pfizer, of course, is only releasing its vaccine safety data bits at a time – after a judge allowed it to do this. There was the claim from Imperial College that the covid jabs saved 20 million lives in the first year. They might as well have claimed it was 200 billion lives in the first week. Does anyone other than Bill Gates and the BBC believe anything that comes out of Imperial College? The mainstream media reached new lows the other day when it was reported that the blood clots are caused by covid not the jab. I warned in 2020 that they would blame the jab’s well-established side effects on covid – the rebranded flu – and that is exactly what they have done. The same, they claim is true for all the other serious problems created by the jab. How can journalists and doctors lie so much? And still politicians talk about suppressing misinformation. If they really want to shut down misinformation they should close the BBC and all other mainstream media. I saw a headline which said: `The worst version of covid is spreading. Can we update our vaccines in time?’

I revealed nearly a month ago, back in June, that the Chief executive of jab maker BioNTech has told health watchdogs that they have to decide soon whether or not to approve the new covid jabs for the most recent strains of the coronavirus – without needing clinical data. WITHOUT NEEDING CLINICAL DATA! They now want to jab people with the stuff without testing it at all. Even arsenic has been tested. Even bombs are tested. But covid jabs? Why bother? The crooks will do the jabbing and the cretins will roll up their sleeves.

The UK Health Security Agency (just how many of these health organisations are we paying for?) declared a national incident and warned that parents must check that their children are vaccinated against polio after traces of the virus were detected in Britain’s water system.

It’s difficult to avoid the suspicion that this could be just a scam to persuade more parents to have their children vaccinated against polio. (Like most people I no longer trust anything that comes from any quango, government advisor, minister or government department.)

But one or two things are worth mentioning.

First, polio was officially eradicated in the UK in 2003. So, why are the authorities still vaccinating children against a disease that was eradicated 19 years ago? (Actually, the last case was in 1984 – nearly 40 years ago.) If you want to the astonishing truth about the polio vaccine take a look at my book on vaccines which is called `Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying’.

Second, the UK HSA suspects that a person vaccinated abroad with the oral polio vaccine (which contains live virus) entered the UK and spread the infection.

Third, it has been well known for some time that the polio outbreak in Africa is largely a result of the Gates polio vaccination programme. I revealed this nearly two years ago. Even the WHO admitted that there were vaccine derived polio outbreaks in Africa. The vaccine used there contains an attenuated or weakened virus. This weak virus is still alive and can cause disease. (I suspect that the mainstream media such as the BBC won’t allow discussion of this because to do so would be to venture into the uncomfortable realms of the truth. As I have reported before, the BBC, which I regard as a propaganda organisation masquerading as a news organisation, refuses to allow critics of vaccines on their programmes `even if they’re right’.)

Fourth, as I have been warning since the early 1980s, drug residues and viruses can get into our water supplies from our sewage systems. Waste sewage (sometimes treated, sometimes not) is discharged into rivers. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether or not the sewage is treated because the purification programmes cannot remove these tiny particles. And fresh drinking water supplies are then taken out of the rivers into which the sewage had been dumped. (For more about this take a look at my book Superbody.) And that, I suspect, is how Bill Gates’ polio has got back into Britain. Now that it’s here, it could be very difficult to get rid of it.

Talking of water, by the way, we need to be aware of the coming water shortages which are going to result in the introduction of water rationing and of stand-pipes. Germany, by the way, is not far from introducing fuel rationing. And if you’ve been worried about what is happening in Sri Lanka take a look at Italy and Greece – both of which are no more than a fistful of dollars from bankruptcy. In France, the nasty little oik Macron talks of energy rationing. He told the nation that they needed a `general mobilisation’ and that they would start with turning off public lights at night when they were not useful – which rather begs the question, if they were not useful why were they on in the first place?

Was all this accidental?

No. It is part of the plan to create chaos, encourage mass vaccination programmes and, ultimately, reduce the global population.

And that is the point. It’s all deliberate.

Meanwhile the chaos continues, greedy railway workers want a 7.1% pay rise (even though the median salary of a rail worker is £10,000 greater than the average salary in Britain) and their strikes will help destroy an already fractured society. People forced to work at home love the strike. They can get paid to do nothing again. Incidentally, in Holland the Dutch Parliament has approved a law giving people a legal right to work from home. Everyone will want to take advantage of it. If you want to catch a bus you’ll be expected to telephone the driver at his home and listen in while he makes Brmmm Brmmm noises.

Barristers are also going on strike. (Well, who can blame them? It must be difficult trying to manage on £500,000 a year these days.) Teachers and doctors and other civil servants are also talking of strike action. Airports are going to be closed because of strikes. Teachers are going to be offered 7% and doctors want 30%. Police are also talking about going on strike. In Norway, oil and gas workers decided to go on strike. None of these people understands that by going on strike they are helping to do the work of the conspirators. They are creating yet more inflation and helping to destroy the economy. Even the IMF has warned of a darkening global economic outlook. The losers, of course, will be the elderly, the sick and the frail – the very people the conspirators want to get rid of.

And social credit policies are coming in every day. Everything I warned about in my video `Nightmare on Your Street’ is coming to pass very quickly. Please watch it if you haven’t done so.

Gender-neutral policies are being heavily promoted and schools seem to me to be introducing increasingly bizarre and oppressive policies. One school has banned girls from wearing skirts to create `a more gender-neutral uniform policy’. Who, pray, told teachers that anyone needed or wanted gender-neutral policies?

One headmistress tried to introduce a `no touching, no hugging’ rule for children. It’s been abandoned. But it will be back. I believe other teachers have tried it. And more will do the same. The result will be massive dehumanisation and tremendous levels of mental illness among children. If schools bring in this crazy policy they will be training psychopaths. Children aren’t born with empathy or kindness – they learn it. No hugging rules will mean that they learn nothing. Teachers who introduce such rules should be prosecuted for cruelty to children. Parents who allow it should be ashamed.

A girl wasn’t allowed to attend her school prom because she didn’t have enough points. That’s pure Chinese-style social credit. If that story alone doesn’t scare you half to death then I’m afraid you haven’t been paying attention.

And just in case you fancied drowning your sorrows with alcohol, the number of pubs in England has now reached a record low.

Although they are much promoted by social credit enthusiasts it is clear that facial and voice recognition programmes don’t work as well as they should. As social credit schemes spread there is going to be serious fraud and chaos for millions.

The EU has declared it is at war with Russia. NATO keeps pushing. And politicians are constantly boasting that the war will last a long time. The result will be ever-increasing starvation in Africa and Asia and more wars everywhere. Just what the conspirators want as they lead us into the Great Reset.

The EU has awarded Ukraine `candidate’ status for membership of the EU. This guarantees a longer, more vicious war and many more deaths both in Europe and in Africa and Asia. The EU is, of course, doing exactly what the conspirators tell it to do. (My book `The Shocking History of the EU’ explains the startling truth about the EU.)

The arms industry wants a big war and they usually get what they want. When the military and the arms companies want something I wouldn’t bet against them.

Absurd levels of wokeness are everywhere. The BBC apologised after a 78-year-old man said he’d never eaten coronation chicken and recalled that his nan called it foreign muck. Listeners complained so the BBC broadcast an apology. I’ve never eaten coronation chicken and the phrase `foreign muck’ also seems suitable as a description of all legislation which has come out of the EU. If the BBC wants to apologise for that they can. They seem big on apologies. The shindig at Glastonbury looked more like the Annual Party Conference for the Woke Party than a music festival. There was even a special App for the daft wokies to download.

Ambulance call outs for heart problems have doubled among all age groups since covid-19 jabs began. And a hospital in the north of England has confirmed that the number of people referred to its Heart Failure Diagnostic Clinic more than doubled after the covid-19 jabbing started. When, over 18 months ago, I first broke the news that the covid jabs could cause myocarditis I was viciously attacked – as usual.

If you get admitted to hospital it can’t be much fun. Hospital staff has been told to cut back on fresh sheets. They are, of course, blaming Brexit though in truth they have been doing this for years with some hospitals not even changing sheets between patients. And the, even though patients are sleeping in dirty sheets, they want everyone to wear a mask to stop infections.

You’d have to be drunk to make up stuff like this. But it’s all true.

The cost of giving £120,000 to everyone injured by the covid-19 jab is going to push Britain further towards bankruptcy. I’m sorry to have to say this but from now on I think those choosing to be jabbed should be on their own. The information about the dangers of the covid-19 jab has been available now for over 18 months. I have no sympathy left for those who still choose to allow their health to be put at risk by accepting a toxic experimental jab. Eighteen months ago I warned that doctors and nurses who gave the toxic jab would be tried as war criminals. The video is still available on – the title is `Doctors and Nurses giving the covid-19 vaccine will be tried as war criminals’. The date of the video was 2nd February 2021.

Our government hates us and wants to kill us. Our only power lies in sharing the truth.

That’s all we’ve got.

People sometimes ask what they can do. And that’s it. Share the truth. Sit your friends and relatives down and make them listen. Make them watch this video or my video `Nightmare on Your Street’.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair. Please spread my videos about on other platforms such as Bitchute. My thanks to everyone who does this. Please do translations too. For the record, this channel has not been monetised – none of my videos ever has been because I don’t want ads on my videos. There are no ads, no sponsors and no requests for funds on videos or websites.

Don’t forget to watch my good friend Dr Colin Barron’s wonderful videos which are always informative and always entertaining.

Please visit my own websites and There are free articles and new stuff is added most days. Remember, too, I’m banned from all social media. Anything you see with my name on it on Facebook, Telegram, Linked-In, Twitter or anywhere is fake and should be reported. Incidentally, Elon Musk refused to buy Twitter because he claimed that he didn’t know how many fake accounts there were.

Finally, although it may feel like it at times, please remember that you are not alone. More and more people are waking up and once they are awake they don’t go back to sleep. We are already a far bigger force than the conspirators would have you believe. Over a third of the populations of the US and UK haven’t had a single covid jab.

If we are going to win this war then we have to fight hard and with determination and passion and the truth.

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

Remember: No mask, no test, no jab.

And, remember too, we have God on our side.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair.

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Vernon Coleman’s book on vaccines is called Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying. It is available as a paperback and an eBook. Article cross-posted from his site.

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