Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Watch: Alex Jones Calls Out ‘Murder of Due Process’ at Sandy Hook Show Trial

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Radio host Alex Jones called out the sham proceedings taking place at the Sandy Hook show trial in Austin, Texas, where a jury has been convened not to decide whether Jones is guilty or innocent, but to judge how guilty he is.

Wearing a sticker over his mouth stating, “Save the 1st [Amendment]” as he entered the courthouse, the Infowars founder told reporters the “kangaroo court” trial is an example of how the judiciary system has been “weaponized,” and warned that all Americans’ rights are in jeopardy.

“The judge is doing this for political reasons. Everything is hidden in plain view. I’ve been found guilty by the judge, and now there’s a trial where they tell a jury to decide how much money I pay because I’m already guilty. That’s never happened,” Jones said in a statement to reporters.

Jones’ comments to reporters outside the courtroom are basically the only remarks he’s being allowed to make as a judge has essentially gagged Jones and his attorneys.

In an unprecedented move last week, 459th District Court Judge Guerra Gamble (D) ordered Jones or his lawyers not to reference First Amendment protections, claim the trial is rigged or unfair, or profess his innocence during this week’s trial.

“They have taken my right for a jury to decide if I’m guilty, and now a judge tells a jury that I’m guilty?” Jones posed to reporters.

Image credit: Sergio Flores/For Hearst Connecticut Media

Jones went on to describe how during jury selection, several potential jurors questioned whether defendants are innocent until proven guilty, and were told by the judge that she’d already decided he was guilty and that this was a “special case.”

“This is the murder of your rights to due process to the federal Constitution and the state Constitution of Texas that in any number of just a few dollars that you get the jury to decide if you’re guilty and then they decide damages in a separate group of hearings,” he told reporters.

“This is the weaponization of the judiciary. It’s absolutely horrifying,” Jones added, saying his trial would “go down in history as one of the greatest show trials ever to happen.”

Image credit: Sergio Flores /For Hearst Connecticut Media

The embattled radio host went on to warn that all Americans’ rights also hang in the balance as his fate is being unfairly decided.

“Ladies and gentlemen, listen, if you want to be bamboozled and lose your First Amendment and lose your Seventh Amendment and lose all that, go ahead,” Jones stated. “You’re having your rights to a trial by jury to decide if you’re guilty or innocent stolen from you. This is a kangaroo court, this is a political action. It’s a witch hunt.”

Following Jones’ comments to the media during a courtroom break, Judge Gamble reportedly expressed she was displeased, telling Jones and his lawyers, “We are not going to have that again.”

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