Thursday, October 27, 2022

Do You Live In the Wrong State?

The CDC's "advisory" panel has effectively mandated Covid jabs for school children in many states.

I say "effectively" because they claim they have done no such thing; their role is "advisory."

But -- its not.  Several states actually turn that "advice" into law, and yet The Coof is unique in this regard.

The problem with all of this, at its core, is that the CDC doesn't give a crap about whether kids are at serious risk from this disease (healthy children are not; it is less of a risk than the flu and there is no mandate to take a flu shot for school) and unlike the flu shot these jabs all have a litany of significant and very serious potential adverse effects including myocarditis and other serious cardiopulmonary harm.

But leave that aside for a minute because when it comes to all the other diseases you might get inoculated against as a kid all have a legitimate medical exemption which is simply this: You previously had the disease in question and thus are presumptively immune.