Thursday, October 27, 2022

The monstrous state of things

 We live in a society dedicated to iatrogenocide:

• A government lab took a virus, made it more lethal, and released it (whether accidentally or on purpose) into the population.

• Government with the collusion of the private sector intentionally blocked access to effective medicines. They literally had the medicines already on hand in a national stockpile for exactly this situation and then when the moment came they went to great lengths to keep people from getting them.

• Hospitals used the wrong protocols and continue to use the wrong protocols. That tells us that the best-trained medical professionals are so blinded by ideology that they cannot transcend failed paradigms.

• The shots have negative efficacy and the worst side effect profile ever seen. Quintuple-dosed bougiecrats look like sh*te and are dropping dead left and right yet still don’t understand what is happening to them (nor do they want to understand).

• The mainstream media has lied to us every single day for the last three years. At this point they are incapable of telling the truth because their business model depends on promoting profitable lies.