Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Exclusive: Top Physicians and Embalmers Reveal Patient's Shocking 'Vaccine' Injuries (Video)


In an exclusive long-form interview for RAIR Foundation USA, Dr. Sam Dubé hosts a panel that includes a funeral home director, an embalmer, a pathologist, and a pediatric cardiologist as they bear witness to the death and misery that they are witnessing, first-hand, following the gene therapy covid-19 shot. 

Discussing the theme, Sudden Death of Youth, Ryan Cole MD, an American, Mayo Clinic trained pathologist; John O’Looney, a U.K.-based funeral home director and early whistle-blower; Kirk A. Milhoan MD, Ph.D., a pediatric cardiologist with a specialty in cardiac inflammation and Glen Macko, co-host, activist and retired software engineer investigate the sudden death phenomena of people aged 10 to 40 years old. 

The speakers share personal stories of vaccine-injured patients and others who have died “so that you can better understand and better see what’s happening, in the hopes that you can save lives, and help people who have been so affected,” says Dr. Dubé. “And these are real people that we are describing, with real tragedy.” 

Dr. Milhoan, a 20-year pediatric cardiologist who has an academic interest in heart-related adverse health events, has treated close to 700 patients with covid. “I’ve been seeing an increase in adverse events in teenagers from the boosters and vaccine recently,” he says.  “And now I’m seeing a much worse course with covid for those who have been vaccinated and boosted, as opposed to those who haven’t.”

Dr. Cole has been speaking out from the early days of the covid scare. “As a clinical pathologist, we are the quality control of medicine; we see when patterns change in tissues as well as blood,” he says. “So I’ve been trying to sound the alarm throughout the pandemic. Not only for covid, obviously, we knew it was harmful. But at the same time, once the shots rolled out, we started seeing all sorts of conditions that increased, and now recently, we’ve seen a big increase in the youth of sudden death since the rollout of not just the shots but the boosters as well. Folks, we have a problem.”

Richard Hirschman is a Toronto-area embalmer with over 20 years of experience. He has noticed a huge change in sudden deaths in those under 40 and the regularity of abnormal blood clotting, with stringy, rubber-like protein clots appearing in bodies. “What started happening is the blood started to look different; something was wrong with the way the blood looked. We started noticing it in 2021, early on, and the clotting just seemed to get worse and worse in the first few months,” he explains. “We were finding clots in the arteries as well as in the veins. The veins are typically where we find clots. But we would hardly ever see a clot in the artery itself.”

As athletes collapse and die on sports fields worldwide, “We know the mechanisms of action,” says Dr. Cole. “We have a toxic lipid nanoparticle that causes inflammation. And we also have this spike protein that has been proven to now cause clotting. So to introduce a clotting agent into the body, into these young individuals with a statistically zero risk from covid really is concerning. And we know now that these shots that can form these clots don’t even cover the variants of the virus that are now present. So, we have expired shots, making an expired protein causing all sorts of pathology in the body.”

From the story of a 28-year-old fit and healthy girl who died just 90 minutes after being coerced into accepting the shot before undergoing minor surgery in the hospital to that of a fit 30-year-old man who suddenly dropped dead. He was found to have severely blocked arteries, but the coroner showed no interest in getting to the bottom of his death. Another case mentioned in this interview touches on the story of a young mother to two girls under 40. Her husband woke up in the night, and she was making strange noises. She stopped, they went back to sleep, and in the morning, she was gone. This was a sudden death. There were no comorbidities. And a 15-year-old boy who dropped dead at sports practice. 

The stories are endless. These brave doctors, funeral home directors, and embalmer are sharing their first-hand experiences so that you might be saved from the pain of death and disabling vaccine injuries. Watch the full-length interview here, and forward it to your friends. It might just save a life. This is a call to action. 

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