Thursday, January 27, 2022

Tucker Carlson shares FOIA’d video showing secret flight in NY dropping off illegal immigrants in the middle of the night

Yesterday Fox News’ Bill Melugin shared more videos from Brownsville, Texas showing single adult male illegal immigrants being released at bus stops and at an airport. Here’s one such video:

NEW: We witnessed the federal gov mass releasing single adult migrants, almost all men, at a parking garage in Brownsville. Taxi cabs were then called for them. We followed the taxis to Harlingen airport, where the migrants were dropped off to get on flights around U.S. @FoxNews

Our story mentions this: “Apparently, they just pass through Brownsville on their way to the airport, after which where they go is anyone’s guess.”

The flights are hard to track because they’re being kept intentionally secret, but Tucker Carlson shared a body cam video that was released after a FOIA request, and it’s maddening: