Thursday, January 27, 2022

New Jersey governor says not receiving COVID vaccine ‘akin to drunk driving'

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy derided citizens who do not receive the COVID-19 vaccine or booster as selfish, saying it is “akin to drunk driving,” prompting a leading Republican to chastise the governor for making the comparison.

“I think it is selfish,” Murphy, a Democrat, said at a media briefing this week. “I think there are obviously some people who have a legitimate reason that they’re not vaccinated or boosted, so I’m going to put that group aside.

“I think it’s a shirking of our collective responsibility and not just – I do – it’s clearly with nurses, obviously, and healthcare staff, but I do think it’s akin to drunk driving,” the governor added. “You’re not only putting yourself at risk; you’re putting other people at risk.”