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Fourth Turning 2022: Bad-Moon Rising, Part 2

Fourth Turning 2022: Bad-Moon Rising, Part 2

Authored by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,

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In Part 1 of this article I laid out how the global elite have used this covid flu to manipulate the weak minded into a fear induced mass psychosis as a key element in their Great Reset plan to control the world and keep you technologically enslaved under lock and key. Now I will try to decipher how this mass hysteria might play out over the course of 2022 and beyond.

“Americans today fear that linearism (alias the American Dream) has run its course. Many would welcome some enlightenment about history’s patterns and rhythms, but today’s intellectual elites offer little that’s useful. Caught between the entropy of the chaoticists and the hubris of the linearists, the American people have lost their moorings.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell

The American Dream, where all Americans, no matter the circumstances of their birth, had a legitimate opportunity to live a better life than their parents, based upon their own intelligence, work ethic, and good fortune, is an illusion in today’s world. The ruling elite have stolen the wealth of the nation and its citizens. This was not an accident, but a plan implemented over many decades, accelerating after Nixon closed the gold window and opened the door to unlimited amounts of debt being created out of thin air and backed by nothing.

One of the Fed’s only mandates was to maintain a stable currency. Since its inception in 1913 to 2020, the USD had lost 96% of its purchasing power. The USD has lost 7.5% of its purchasing power since 2020, as Powell and his cronies have lost control of inflation.

It is not a coincidence this Fourth Turning was launched due to the Federal Reserve and Wall Street bankers blowing the largest debt bubble in history (until now), issuing fraudulent mortgage loans to millions of willing and able dupes who could never pay them back, packaging the loans into toxic derivative debt time bombs, bullying and paying off the spineless rating agencies to rate these worthless derivatives AAA, and then selling them to oblivious pension plans and innocent little old ladies. But they eventually ran out of greater fools and clueless suckers. The entire control fraud blew sky high in September 2008, representing the debt catalyst for this Fourth Turning.

For the past thirteen years of this Crisis, the puppets at the Federal Reserve have done as instructed by the Wall Street cabal and globalist billionaire oligarchs. They have papered over an unpayable debt problem by creating $8 trillion more debt and shoveling the proceeds into the pockets of the ruling billionaire oligarchy. The billionaire oligarchs and Wall Street bankers aren’t on the hook for the $30 trillion national debt and the other $100 trillion of unfunded social welfare and pension liabilities.

You, your kids, your grandkids, and unborn generations of hard-working citizens are on the hook. Our standard of living had been in a gradual decline since the 1970s, but we have entered the suddenly stage referenced by Ernest Hemingway in The Sun Also Rises – “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually, then suddenly.”

The Fed’s balance sheet stood at $800 billion at the start of this Fourth Turning, and now is $8.8 trillion and rising every day. The Repo crisis in September 2019 revealed a systemic glitch in the Fed’s well-oiled machine to pump up stock markets and guarantee unlimited profits for Wall Street. Coincidentally, a pandemic that had been simulated (Event 201) in October by Gates and his WEF cronies, conveniently struck in March 2020, with its very own multi-billion-dollar marketing campaign, and fear propaganda spouted 24/7 from the Big Pharma captured corporate media.

After a faux crash in the markets, the Fed rode to the rescue and has proceeded to print $4.8 trillion in the last two years. Meanwhile, the national debt, which stood at $9 trillion at the start of this Fourth Turning, reached $23 trillion prior to the Covid pandemic, will reach $30 trillion in the next month.

The question that might come to mind for the average person is, “how did the Fed’s actions in the last two years benefit me?”. Well, if you are a billionaire, you did fantastic. The ten richest men in America more than doubled their net worth since the March 2020 launch of their plandemic. Do you think this was an accident? Gates made $36.5 billion off the most heavily marketed flu in history, and he was the lowest among the ten. While your local family-owned hardware store went out of business, Bezos and his Amazon empire got further enriched, with Jeff’s net worth soaring by $75 billion, as his Washington Post did their darndest pumping fear porn propaganda to the ignorant masses.

These ten men added roughly $1 billion per day to their net worth. Compare that to what you earn per day at your job. When ten people rake in $736 billion during a “health crisis”, in which millions of workers were forced out of work or fired, and hundreds of thousands of small businesses were bankrupted, you know the fix was in from the beginning. The Fed’s job was to protect and enhance the wealth of the richest people on earth, while 80-year-old grandmothers got 0.1% on the money market account if they weren’t murdered by a Democratic governor in their nursing home.

America, where a multi-millionaire can achieve the dream of becoming a billionaire by just letting the Fed do their job – pumping stocks. America created 116 new billionaires in less than two years during a “terrible pandemic”, a 19% increase. The American Dream achieved by knowing the right central bankers. Are you paying attention?

If you had any doubt all this “emergency” debt being created and bought by the Fed doesn’t have one sole purpose – to enrich their oligarch benefactors and banker bosses – just take a gander at this chart comparing the S&P 500 to the increase in the Fed’s balance sheet over the last 13 months. We’ve had 13 consecutive new highs on the S&P 500, matching the 13 new highs in the Fed balance sheet. I’m sure this is just a non-correlated coincidence. Right?

And it hasn’t just been the Fed. Since this entire scamdemic was created and fostered by the Davos globalist elite as their Build Back Better Great Reset scheme to allow you to live while owning nothing, the ECB had to do their part. While the Fed has added $5 trillion to their balance sheet since 2019, the ECB hasn’t been a slouch, as they’ve added $4.5 trillion.

They have bought mortgage bonds, junk bonds, Treasuries, and just about any crap derivative on the planet, driving interest rates to the lowest in history, and blowing bubbles in housing, the stock market, bond market, commercial real estate, collectibles, bitcoin, and NFTs (whatever the hell they are). It’s an Everything Bubble. When they all burst simultaneously, it will again be the average American worker who will get screwed.

Powell and his fellow apparatchiks at the Fed thought they could talk their way out of any predicament their massive printing created, because the Wall Street market makers and corrupt corporate media pretended debt doesn’t matter and the paper wealth creation was proof the economy was great. The illusion of recovery built on delusions of debt based faux wealth may have had something to do with the Fed creating 75% of all the money in U.S. history since the start of this Fourth Turning.

This coincides with 70% of all U.S. debt in history being created in the last fourteen years. Does any of this seem sustainable? Does any of it make sense from a fiscal perspective? Are those in control attempting to crash our economic system on purpose, in order to usher in their Great Reset plan? It sure appears so.

So far, 2022 is looking a little dicey for the markets. The millions of twenty and thirty something investment gurus have never experienced a bear market, as Uncle Jerome and the academic troll Yellen have guaranteed their unbeatable buy the dip “investment strategy” for the last decade. The markets are puking with just Fed jawboning about ending QE to infinity (until they restart it again) and possibly increasing interest rates by .25%.

NASDAQ high-fliers are tanking. Bitcoin has lost 50% in two months. The 10 Year Treasury yield has more than tripled in two years. Whenever the markets began to tank since 2009, the Fed came to the rescue with QE or slashing rates. That is why stock valuations have reached stratospheric levels exceeding the 2000 bubble. They are now exceeding that historic bubble by 70%.

I’ve been expecting a market crash every year for the last twelve years, but the Fed has fended it off with their perpetual liquidity engine. But it appears they have fully shot their load and have backed themselves into a corner. There are no possible positive outcomes from any path they choose. Despite months of denying the inflationary tsunami sweeping the world is not transitory, but created by their reckless perfidy, the Fed and other central bankers around the world are trapped.

With the Biden administration wrecking the supply chain with their insane incompetence, driving energy prices sky high with their green new deal absurdities, trillions of new unfunded Federal spending, and trillions more of Covid related cash sloshing around the economic system, inflation is raging out of control.

Even the manipulated, massaged, engineered, and government sanctioned CPI is being reported as 7%, which means the savings accounts of senior citizens are providing a NEGATIVE 6.9% per year, and real wages for real people are in free-fall as food and energy costs keep surging higher. But it is far worse than official figures reveal. The Fed and government have methodically adjusted CPI downwards over the last forty years.

They created a fake calculation in order to suppress home price increases and ridiculous hedonic adjustments for car improvements that say automobile prices have barely risen over decades, even though the average price of a new car in 2000 was $22,000 versus $47,000 today.

Inflation headlines reference the highest rate in 3 or 4 decades, but the reality is if inflation was measured exactly as it was in 1980, it would be 15%, just as it was in 1980. One slight difference. Volcker had jacked the Federal Funds rate to 20% in order to crush the raging inflation. Spineless Powell still has the Federal Funds rate anchored at 0%. Our economic system is so saturated with debt, a 3% Feds Fund rate would result in a full-scale economic implosion and collapse of our financial system.

It looks like 2022 can go one of two ways – raging inflation, while markets surge higher, enriching the richest and impoverishing the middle class or a recession and market crash after the richest short the market, while the working class sees their 401ks obliterated once again. It’s almost as if this is being engineered for a crash landing, designed to produce maximum damage to the most people. Is it just part of the Great Reset master plan?

Just as the Event 201 simulation of a pandemic a few months before a pandemic was rolled out, a “war game” called Collective Strength was run by international bankers, the IMF, and BIS in Israel during December to simulate a global financial catastrophe caused by a cyber-attack. Last week the Fed issued their report on a central bank digital currency. If these two events don’t cause you concern, you aren’t paying attention.

During the pandemic, the government flogged fake coin shortage propaganda and told the ignorant masses covid lurked on their dollar bills. There are no coincidences. The ruling oligarchs are proceeding with their master plan of owning everything and enslaving you in a technological gulag controlled by the government surveillance state and policed by the social media tyrants, mega-corporation collaborators, fake news propaganda media, and crooked financial institutions.

They want every aspect of your life digitized, so they can control you, force you to get vaccinated, create your social credit score, monitor every financial transaction, and guarantee they get a piece of every transaction. If you disobey their commands, they will destroy your ability to work, buy food, enjoy entertainment, or transact any business. Sounds overly ominous, except it is already happening in New Zealand, Australia, France, Austria, and numerous other authoritarian regimes throughout the world. They really do want you to own nothing, and be happy with nothing, or else.

As we enter the fourteenth year of this Fourth Turning it appears all hell is about to break loose financially, domestically, and internationally. Will the three drivers of this Crisis – debt, civic decay, and global disorder - merge into one super-storm of destruction, destined to wipe the existing social order away and replace it with something far worse and Orwellian? Strauss and Howe perfectly captured what is happening today in their 1997 warning about an unavoidable generational Crisis.

Societal trust is imploding as the initial financial collapse catalyst is poised for a second more horrendous encore in 2022. Interconnected global financial systems, built on an unstable foundation of bad debt, will crumble as the approaching storms crash ashore. It is time to move to higher ground, batten down the hatches, deleverage, and do your best to distance yourself from this arbitraged, tentacled, corrupt financial system.

“As the Crisis catalyzes, these fears will rush to the surface, jagged and exposed. Distrustful of some things, individuals will feel that their survival requires them to distrust more things. This behavior could cascade into a sudden downward spiral, an implosion of societal trust. If so, this implosion will strike financial markets—and, with that, the economy. But as the Crisis mood congeals, people will come to the jarring realization that they have grown helplessly dependent on a teetering edifice of anonymous transactions and paper guarantees. Many Americans won’t know where their savings are, who their employer is, what their pension is, or how their government works. The era will have left the financial world arbitraged and tentacled: Debtors won’t know who holds their notes, homeowners who owns their mortgages, and shareholders who runs their equities—and vice versa.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

During the fourteenth year of the last Fourth Turning, the Battle of Midway turned the tide in the Pacific and Germany’s defeat at Stalingrad by the Russians turned the tide in Europe. Italy surrendered to the Allies and plans for the D-Day invasion were already underway. By the fourteenth year of the American Revolution Crisis the Treaty of Paris ending the war had been signed and the U.S. Constitution was written. The Civil War crisis was long over, as twenty years of animosity was jammed into five years of extreme bloodshed and tragedy.

I fear when future historians document the events of this era of deception, delusion, debt, and decay, 2022 will go down as a turning point in U.S. history, for good or for bad. The forces of evil appear to have the upper hand, but threat of living under the boot of globalist totalitarians has awakened a tireless minority of patriotic citizens, willing to fight these demonic, vile quislings of humanity to the death.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ― George Orwell, 1984

In Part Three of this article, I will examine how civic decay and global disorder will interconnect and provide the impetus for the next bloody chapter of this Fourth Turning. When your leaders are far more concerned about the border of a country 6,000 miles from U.S. shores than our own southern border, you can clearly see the plan is to create civic decay in the U.S. and further enrich the oligarchs by waging war in the Ukraine. Those pushing the Great Reset scheme are relentless and evil. The only way to defeat them is through force.

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