Thursday, January 27, 2022

FDA Pulls Emergency Use Authorization for Drugs Used in Florida's COVID Clinics Because No One Can Tell Them No

One of the hallmarks of Florida’s response to the COVID “pandemic” has been that it not only encourages residents to get vaccinated, but it provides no-cost therapeutics via a network of clinics.

The Biden administration has not been a fan of this strategy because it is both effective and popular, as best one can tell. Back in September, the Biden administration preemptively took control of the distribution of the monoclonal antibodies used by Florida’s program and began throttling the number of doses available for distribution in Florida’s clinical network. Allegedly, this was to ensure that other states received a “fair share,” but it was hard to shake the feeling that the move was aimed at damaging Florida Governor Ron DeSantis more than having some larger public health purpose.

As if to underscore this hostility, late Monday, the Food and Drug Administration preemptively pulled the Emergency Use Authorization for the primary monoclonal antibodies used by Florida.