Thursday, January 13, 2022

Vaccinators Are Responsible for Checking Batch Numbers For “Hot Lots” Before Administering Covid Shots

Dr. Mike Yeadon answered questions regarding the distribution and how many people may be involved in what ingredients are mixed into the “hot lots” of Covid injections. 

And Dr Wolfgang Wodarg advised that pharmacists, doctors and other vaccinators are responsible for checking “vaccine” batch numbers, before injections are distributed or administered, to ensure they are not part of a bad batch or “hot lot.”  Patients should insist vaccinators check whether the batch is “bad” before agreeing to the injection.

During Session 86 of the Corona Investigative Committee, Dr. Yeadon spoke of his concerns regarding the Covid injections, presented evidence proving premeditation of particular Covid injection batches containing “lethal doses” and more.

This article is the fourth in a series breaking down Dr. Yeadon’s 2-hour 20 min presentation into more manageable chunks for those who may be short of time and unable to watch the full presentation in one sitting.  What follows relates to questions the panel asked regarding the “Hot Lots” and analysis done by Team Enigma. You can watch the Team Enigma presentation in our previous article HERE