Tuesday, January 11, 2022

COVID: Will it be a 'Great Reckoning' for Big Pharma?


I admit to being a fan of against-all-odds lawyer shows, and one of my new favorites is Billy Bob Thornton's four-season series "Goliath." Each season pits the eccentric super-lawyer Billy McBride (Thornton) and his team of charmingly odd-ball assistants against a deeply corrupt and seemingly untouchable "Goliath." In the series-ending fourth season, the Goliath is Big Pharma, which (spoiler alert) faces a righteous reckoning. I highly recommend it (foul language and vulgarities aside) and am surprised that it was ever allowed to air, even as a work of fiction.

In real life the freedom- and virtue-loving people of the world have been awakened to the reality that Big Pharma is probably the most evil and powerful of the separate oligarchical crime syndicates that rule over us like the infamous Five Families of the American Mafia. The curtain was pulled back just far enough in 2020 and '21 for us all to watch Big Tech, Big Media, Big Government and Big Business each kiss the ring of Don Pharma (represented by the forked-tongue figurehead/flak Anthony Fauci) and then deploy all their resources in his service.