Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Former FBI official compares 'mainstream' conservatives to Islamic terrorists


Former deputy Federal Bureau of Investigation director Andrew McCabe compared "mainstream" conservatives to radical Islamic terrorists, and said the violence is spreading across the nation during a University of Chicago panel Thursday focusing on the Jan. 6 riot. 

McCabe was fired in 2018 from his position as the FBI's second-in-command following reports from the Department of Justice and the FBI disciplinary office claiming that he leaked sensitive information to the press about a Clinton Foundation investigation and subsequently lied about it. He also reportedly spied on the Trump campaign and obtained the warrant to do so through a dossier funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

"America’s universities are now indoctrination machines that shape the minds of the next generation. Academia openly exploits its power and rewrites history to serve its illiberal agenda," UChicago Senior Evita Duffy wrote in The Chicago Thinker in response to the Jan. 6 panel featuring McCabe, University of Chicago Professor Robert Pape and Rep. Raja Krishamoorthi (D-Ill.), with Washington Post reporter Hannah Allam as the moderator. 

McCabe notably compared supporters of former President Donald Trump to radical Islamic extremists during the panel.