Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Why Is the FDA Hiding the Pfizer Vaccine Data?

Despite the FDA’s claim that it is committed to transparency, especially for COVID-19 emergency use authorizations (EUAs),1 the agency first requested 55 years to release the data supporting the approval of Comirnaty after a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was filed,2 and then asked for an extra 20 years to fully comply.3

Pfizer has been in the news for over a year as a leading contender in the development of the genetic therapy injection for COVID-19. Their unwillingness to release data to support the FDA’s approval of their product should come as no surprise since the company has a long history of criminal activity.

During the Civil War, Pfizer flourished and expanded under the war’s demand for pain killers and antiseptics.4 Unfortunately, in the century and a half since, Pfizer has been a habitual offender in shady dealings, having been sued in multiple venues over unethical drug testing, illegal marketing practices,5 bribery in multiple countries,6 environmental violations — including illegal dumping of PCBs and other toxic waste7 — labor and worker safety violations and more.8,9

Now, in Pfizer’s latest debacle with the COVID-19 jabs, the FDA is complicit in the shroud of secrecy around the drug company’s genetic therapy clinical trials. The extraordinary length of time requested for the data release is tantamount to hiding.