Friday, January 14, 2022

Italy bans unvaccinated from all public transport under new rules

(BREITBART) – The Italian government has moved to ban unvaccinated people from public transport, outdoor dining, sports centres and more until at least March 31st of this year.

The Italian government is imposing further restrictions on the unvaccinated this week, requiring the country’s “Super Green Pass” health passport for access to public transit, which is only eligible to those fully vaccinated or those recovered from the Wuhan coronavirus, compared to the regular Green Pass which allows unvaccinated people to qualify temporarily by presenting a negative coronavirus test.

Local and regional buses, subways, trains and trams all required the Super Green Pass as of Monday, January 10th and will require the health pass until at least March 31st under the new government restrictions and passengers will require FFP2 masks to be worn as well, Il Giornale reports.