Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Navy Kicks Out First 20 Unvaccinated Sailors

(by Ryan Morgan | American Military News) – The U.S. Navy said last week it has separated its first 20 sailors for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Navy announced in a service-wide COVID-19 response update that 20 sailors had been separated as of Jan. 5. The service described the action as Entry Level Separations (ELS), indicating all 20 service members were separated during initial training periods within their first 180 days of active duty. No additional sailors have been separated at this time.

The separation of these first 20 sailors from the Navy comes nearly a month after the Navy issued a memo to commanders to proceed with separating sailors. The memo advised commanders across the Navy to automatically issue Honorable Discharges to those sailors with less than six years of time in the service, who are not entitled to administrative separation boards or boards of inquiry. For sailors with more than six years of service, who are administrative separation boards or boards of inquiry, the Navy memo advised commanders to give General Discharges under Honorable conditions; but those sailors can receive an Honorable Discharge if they agree to waive their right to a separation board or board of inquiry.