Monday, January 10, 2022

Sunday Collum: 2021 Year In Review, Part 2 - Heart Of Darkness & The Rise Of Centralized Healthcare

As noteswe believe this (Part 2) may be one of the most complete, ferocious and funny takedowns of the Centralized Healthcare System and Vaccine Industrial Complex on the internet. It should not surprise anyone to see Dave Collum’s 2021 Year in Review “The Rise of Centralized Healthcare” entered into the Congressional Record or used as evidence in new trials at The Hague when the world’s medical, political, corporate and social media leaders are forced to answer for their actions.

Nationalized Healthcare is common globally and debated by critics and supporters in the US. The debate is about the tradeoff of the obvious benefits of offering healthcare to everybody against who should be forced to pay and how much healthcare should they be forced to provide for others. I am sympathetic to the supporters.