Tuesday, January 5, 2021

25 Hard Truths Americans Must Face


America has a stage four cancer of corruption that has metastasized into every area of our representative government. Here are 25 hard truths Americans can no longer rationalize away:

1)- A presidential election was stolen from President Donald J. Trump in the most brazen and in your face way possible.

2)- The government elites in all three branches, and in both parties, appear to be in on or complicit in the steal either by omission or commission.

3)- The strings of our government are being pulled by China and other global interests that have no qualms about tearing down our time-honored values of freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of religion.

4)- The Supreme Court, except for Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito has allowed partisanship, virtue signaling and cowardice to influence the merits of the cases they have deigned to accept or reject.

5)- There is no Democrat and Republican Party, only a UniParty. Both parties are merely two sides of the same coin, dedicated to selling out the country to China for power and enrichment. (Think of Judas selling out Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver)

6)- News is not what the corporate media delivers, only leftist/globalist propaganda that rarely speaks ill of China or George Soros.

7)- China has invaded America without firing a shot, first by exploiting the moral weaknesses of people in the upper echelons of the political, educational, corporate, and entertainment world and second by using the Wuhan Virus as a bioweapon to psychologically place America under siege without an overt military effort.

8)- If Joe Biden is sworn in as president, he will make a mockery of American ideals of honesty, integrity, and fair play.

9)- The police in blue cities have lost the trust of patriotic Americans due to their willingness to blindly follow orders of mayors and governors even if those diktats infringed upon the constitutional rights of the citizenry.

10)- Conservativism without action is merely an empty intellectual pursuit seeming superior, but signifying nothing.

11)- The elites are attempting to crush the independent spirits of Americans by using theft and fraud to undermine the power of the vote.

12)- America is becoming a nation of free states and communist satellite states.

13)- The Democrat party has thrown out the constitutional rule of law in favor of socialism/communism.

14)- Unless liberty is vigorously taught and fought for, it will devolve into tyranny.

15)- America’s only hope is in the people not a politician. When we the people are willing to give up convenience, our concerns of financial ruin and fear of death, we will become a terror to the traitorous elites, and they will fear us.

16)- America’s current political leadership is a reflection of past apathy and a lack of vigilance.

17)- Our public schools are not dedicated to teaching our children, but to indoctrinating them to leftist ideas.

18)- The Wuhan Virus lockdown demonstrated the eagerness of far too many Americans to surrender liberty for safety.

19)- The Republican elites destroyed the Tea Party and wish to do the same to Trump supporters. They are doing so by willfully ignoring election fraud evidence and declaring Joe Biden as the president-elect by saying “the electoral college has spoken.”.

20)- Republicans elites fail to realize that even if their plans to rid the GOP of Donald Trump succeed, his supporters will never be able to unsee the craven conduct they have witnessed from their elected leaders. These patriots will either change the party or choke the life from it.

21)- America can only succeed with a Judeo-Christian foundation; socialism/communism is an anathema to America as founded.

22)- The Christian church is being targeted for destruction by communist/socialists in the Democrat party as a means of weakening America.

23)- America’s form of government is a representative republic. We were never founded as a democracy.

24)- The only diversity that strengthens us is diversity of thought.

25)- Eliminating the Constitution and demonizing history does nothing to better America, but instead hastens her demise as the last best hope for freedom

American Thinker