Sunday, January 3, 2021

How We Know It’s a Show


Guest Post by Eric Peters

I recently got into a “debate” with a Sickness Cultist, who berated me for my heresy. I tried reason with him, which works as well as mixing oil and water.

One thing I tried to specifically get an answer to is a question that ought to be of interest to anyone interested in a reasonable discussion of this business.

It is simply this:

If it is necessary to wear “masks” – as they’re styled – why are there no standards, beyond the thing being a “mask”?

Why isn’t there a requirement that the “mask” be at least an N95 and ideally an N100 respirator that actually can thwart the exhalation of those extremely tiny viral particles? Why is it that a literal rag – an old bandana, for instance that’s so porous one can see daylight passing through it – qualifies as a “mask” and grants entry to stores and such when it absolutely cannot thwart the transmission of viral particles?

Also the disposable “mask” that almost everyone who wears one of these wretched symbols of submission wears? It says – it explicitly warns – right on the box that these things do not prevent the transmission of COVID-19 (all caps, now) or – implicitly – any other virus, the material being too porous to serve that purpose?

“This mask is not a medical device . . .or personal protective equipment offering protection from COVID-19 or any other airborne particles. This product is not intended as a replacement for medical grade personal protective equipment or other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19… ”     

And yet, they qualify. Technically, a literal Diaper over one’s face qualifies.

Come on in!

It makes no sense – it is dangerous . . . if you’re really worried about getting sick. If this is serious – in terms of “the virus” –  then no one should be allowed within a public area without an N95 or better device covering their faces. Something that actually works.

Unless the “mask” is for show. Unless it is theater – as Pope Fauci XVII actually admitted some months ago.

In which case, it all makes sense.

The “mask” is to show that you give in – or that you believe. It is not about stopping the spread of anything – unless you count disbelief.

And that is what cannot be tolerated.

These people walking around with their “masks” on are literally like people who wear tinfoil hats – with the difference being that the latter are still snickered at, the wearers regarded as being in need of psychiatric help – while the former are lauded as Responsible Citizens who are Doing Their Part.

In fact, all they’re doing is showing how little they care about their health – and how much they want to believe.

How easy it is to terrify and control them, just by saying boo!

The less-than-N95 “masks” are the equivalent of a pocket full of posies – remember the rhyme? – but because they have been told by Anderson Cooper that they “work” they wear them.


You’d think they’d be interested to know whether they work. Would at least consider the answer when someone asks them how come there is no standard requiring that they work – but permitting literally anything to qualify, so long as it covers your face.

But they aren’t.

Because they believe. Put your hands against the television set! Heeeaaaaa-uhl!

They grow militant when someone asks this question – when someone demands to know how it is that a piece of Holy Cloth does anything other than cover the wearer’s face. They  grow even more militant when the follow-up query as to why it is so important that people cover their faces – even if the covering doesn’t do anything other than cover the wearer’s face? – is asked.

The answer one gets is the Corona equivalent of the mentally ill autistic girl whose face corkscrews into a paroxysm of fury and spits outs How Dare You! when someone questions the theology of the Climate Change Cult.

The adult Greta I debated – or rather, tried to – refused to answer either question. Instead, I was accused of being “inane” and “childish.”

It reminded me of the answer I sometimes received as a child when I posed a question that an adult couldn’t answer:

Because I said so.

That’s not good enough.

If you can’t answer the question, then maybe you ought to re-think what this “mask” business is really all about and why your life as well as the lives of others isn’t worth more than the cost of a dirty old bandana.