Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Jovan Pulitzer’s MUST-WATCH presentation in the GA senate persuaded them to audit Fulton County’s absentee ballots—which were then SHREDDED (and not a word about it in the media)


This is beyond shocking—as is the indifference of so many “election integrity” activists. 

From Colleen McGuire:

Mark, it’s important that you share Jovan Hutton Pulitzer’s remarkable presentation before the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections.   Here’s a longer write-up that will hopefully get your subscribers to watch his masterful presentation that provides a method of 100% certainty for unraveling the fraud.  

When dramatic events occur in a courtroom, like if a witness suddenly confesses his crime, we call this a Perry Mason moment.   Well, on Wednesday, December 30, a Perry Mason moment took place when Jovan Hutton Pulitzer spoke at a hearing before Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections.  Pulitzer commanded respect and credibility when he identified himself as the inventor of the QR code on cellphones, the squiggley square that lets you, for example, board an airplane.  

Pulitzer’s riveting 45 minute power point presentation guided listeners through diverse ways in which election fraud can be forensically determined so long as there is access to the actual paper ballots which he stressed are required by law to be held for twenty some months after election.  

Pulitzer told the senators that his software can prove if mail-in ballots were folded, and if they were not, that means the ballots were never mailed.  He said he can prove whether the vote was made by a human hand with an ink pen or by a machine.  He said he can prove whether the same ballot was scanned multiple times to produce multiple votes from the single ballot.  His presentation climaxed in a Perry Mason moment when he confidently declared that his team could assess the validity of 500,000 absentee ballots in two hours.    

Then more fireworks when he later announced that his team had entered the Dominion voting machine software live via WiFi right while the Georgia election hearing were in session.  This was proof of the compromised security of the machines.  

As a result of Pulitzer’s testimony, and other witnesses including a Dominion whistleblower, the Subcommittee voted unanimously to audit FultonCounty’s absentee ballots using Pulitzer’s system.   This is a stunning decision in light of the flurry of post election litigation where the courts have rejected efforts to invalidate election fraud lawsuits, none of which presented evidence using Pulitzer’s sure fire forensic method.   And yet as of December 31 when I looked, not a single major mainstream media had reported the Subcommittee’s audit decision.  Indeed at 5:30 pm on Wednesday December 30, the day of the hearing, the AP ran with a story entitled “Audit of Georgia county’s 15,000 absentee-ballot signatures turns up zero fraud” with no mention of Pulitzer’s fraud busting forensic method.  At 7:30 pm on December 30, NBC News neglected to report on the ordered audit of thousands of potentially flawed ballots, but instead ran with the astonishing headline (astonishing in light of the day’s events) “Georgia can begin sending absentee ballots in pivotal Senate runoffs.”   

On Thursday December 31, in a New Years Eve video a very tired-looking Pulitzer alerted listeners that at 10:00 pm an Enterprise truck had pulled up to the building where the ballots were kept and began shredding them.  Entrepreneur and Trump ally Patrick Byrne posted photos from inside the warehouse where the allegedly fraudulent ballots sat on pallets.  And then later tweeted, “They shredded everything. Not just a normal shredding either. They did not shred into long strips, or even tiny confetti: they did military-grade shredding down to tiny spitballs.”   

If this shredding of fraudulent Georgia ballots is true, it marks a dire Orwellian ending for 2020.  Now that Pulitzer has shown how mail-in ballots can be tested with 100% certainty for fraud, Democrats are disappearing the same ballots they waved around as proof of a fair election. December 31, 2020 should go down in history as the New Years Eve Ballot Massacre.